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[color=green][b]Great news everybody![/b][/color]

New updated [b]XRumer 12[/b] recognize and break Google ReCaptcha again,
during automatic registering and posting:


Interested? :)

Just Google for the latest subversion of XRumer 12! ;)

[color=gray]P.P.S. XRumer 7.0.12 and another versions are too old - and have less than 10% of functions, that have XRumer 12.[/color]

[url=]X-Rumer 12.0.16: ReCaptcha - how to breake[/url], [url=]XRUMER 12.0.17-18: Google Captcha breaker[/url], [url=]X-Rumer 12.0.17-18: Google Captcha breaking during registering and posting[/url], [url=]XRUMER 12.0.16-18: ReCaptcha breaking[/url], [url=]XRumer 12.0.17-18: Google ReCaptcha breaker[/url]